23 February 2020

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The Emerging Homepreneurs

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The rise of home-based businesses can be traced to telecommuting started in the 1980s and the mass adoption of the internet in the 1990s. Today, technology has made it easier to start and run a business from anywhere. In India also there has been a change of consciousness in the business world to recognise home-based enterprises as legitimate.

When first think about a transition from an outside job to a home-based job or business, its quiet natural to be in a dilemma. Many of us have a beautiful concept about working at our convenience. But in reality great hard work is required and we need to be cautious about many things.
Options for a Homepreneur

Broadly there are three types of home based works- Working for an employer (telecommuting), Freelancing and Home Based Business

• Telecommuting- The trend of hiring people to work from their home office is increasing day by day. Some companies will hire you as an actual employee with medical and insurance benefits while others hire you on contract basis. Telecommuting jobs include tele-marketing jobs, sales, medical transcription, writing jobs, data entry jobs, web designing, virtual assistance and much more.

• Freelancing - A "freelancer" is a person who dedicates his skills for specific projects or assignments. The skills being hired are usually professional in nature, such as writing, computer programming, web design and graphic arts. These jobs are usually only on project basis or temporary. So you have to create your networks and clients.

• Create Your Own Business - The final option for a homepreneur is to build your own company. The possibilities and options are boundless, as any skills you have, can be turned into a home business. The only important thing to consider that: “Is there a market for you?

Tips for a Homepreneur

Patience is the most important quality required for a homepreneur, as to establish at home position may take even months. The hardest part of the job is getting the ball rolling.

If you are the kind who usually needs a kick to move, working at home is not for you. To become a homepreneur, you have to be extremely disciplined, focussed and self motivated. There can be many distractions at home to pull you.

As working from home is a bit solitary, people who thrive on social interaction will find it difficult to adjust to. However, you can balance this by spending time with friends frequently, or through social networking and forums which in turn help you with a good exchange of ideas.

If you are doing some kind of telecommuting works, sometimes employers require you to work according to their specified time schedule. Like, if your employer is based in US, sometimes you are supposed to work in wee hours according to their time schedules. Think about your convenience before choosing your assignments.

Home based businesses have more bidders than regular jobs, as there are no limitations in time and space. So, ensure that your resume is in top form and clearly details your experience and qualifications for the job you are applying for.

Avoid Scams. When searching for home based works you may get confused and overwhelmed by options, especially on internet based businesses. Also as many of them are remotely based, its all the more difficult to segregate.

Here are few tips to judge what's legitimate.

Check the legitimacy of the websites that offer you jobs or business opportunities by a closer look. Legitimate websites will have a neat and professional appearance rather than punctuated or hyped appearance with profuse testimonials.  Some scammers are smart enough that they will appear moreover professional. So take a moment to check the Whois information on the domain name (www.whois.com).  This will tell you when the domain name was registered, and by whom.
Also check if the company website have some real contact information ( both telephone and address), and do cross check this. Services like Mapquest or Yahoo Maps can search the validity of postal addresses.  You can also do a search on yellow pages or a  targeted googling for the company name, owner's name, domain name, and so on.

Ask around! Consult as many people through homepreneur’s social networking and forums. People might have heard of them, or can tell you whether it's genuine job or not.

Scam reporting sites like www.scam.com and www.scambusters.org. can be also helpful in researching a company details.  Never ever pay any "fee" to begin working for a company. Some companies will put it in a way that they charge fee to ensure that you are genuine in your approach. Don’t ever carried away by this .Rarely, some legitimate companies might charge you for training, but more often they will deduct this from your first payment.

Do not give your home address, or any banking / credit card information unless you are sure about a company. A genuine employer will never need this information unless they are actually hiring you.

Believe in yourself. You can create the perfect career for yourself. Many successful homepreneurs are relishing its results, so why don’t you too?

The Emerging Homepreneurs

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