23 February 2020

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The Writers' Market

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Freelance writing is one of today’s most lucrative home based jobs. It is fit for anyone. It not only gives you the freedom of working, but brings a good green also. The freelance writing opportunities ranges from journalistic writing, job board projects, copy writing, resume writing and business writing. Writers are needed for many different requirements such as news reporting, featuring, niche writing etc. You can even be a "ghostwriter" for people who want to publish their own books but don't have strong writing skills.  Writers can also earn by writing and selling e-books online, creating content funded by advertising, through affiliate products and more. 


The first and foremost requirement for a freelance writer is establishing an online presence. You can start with your own blog, create your own website or can simply start with article marketing sites.

Then the question will be what to write. There is so much happenings in and around the world that we can never be out of good materials to write about. 
So write about anything you could write and wherever you could write and pack the profile column perfectly.  Profile is a better version of a resume. So you must appear professional, approachable and competent.

Job Boards

There are numerous freelance job boards which would offer you a bulk of projects. You can post a good profile of yours in them and subscribe to job notifications. They will keep you sending job notifications and all you have to do is to bid for jobs. Bid as much as you can and bid low initially. A lot of people around the world may be bidding for a single project. Use a personalized cover letter to sell yourself in each bidding. 

Pick up jobs that you feel you would enjoy writing and learning about.  You may not get quality and high paid work from the job boards as you expect or which would satisfy you.Working with job boards has many draw backs. The first thing is that you do not get a verbal feedback.  Also there will be no personal relationships in working in this style as the bidder and hirer may not even get to know each other. The saddest part is that in most cases you do not get credit for what you have written.

Always go for escrow payments rather than choosing paypal and most job boards have this facility.Deadlines are sacred in this line of work. If you have missed a deadline, the client can penalize or withholds payments. So keep yourself some margin when you agree to a deadline.
Journalistic Writing

There are abundant opportunities available for journalistic writing in both print and online media. Choosing your own niche of writing before proceeding is always best. Be mentally ready for to work hard.

You can then choose the portals and magazines of your niche. Almost all newspapers, magazines and portals accommodate freelancers except a few. So enquire with the editors or approach them with story ideas if you are familiar with the publication.

Writing for most reputable magazines these days often requires a vetting process as magazine-writing opportunities do employ a screening process and do not accept just any and all submissions. Writing for magazines is a test for a writer’s skills.

The Indian print market is less transparent on comparison with the west. There is a paucity of information for writers who wish to start. Also hardly any publication issue contracts to freelance writers. Some of them will confirm by e-mails and there is rarely a signed paper agreement.

SEO Articles

SEO is the art of writing an article or any content with the aim of optimising it for search engines. Many businesses today need to make their product as high up in the search engine, and therefore the art of SEO writing has almost become on high demand. A freelance write have to be aware of SEO tips and tricks.

There are many agencies specialised in SEO writing, by hiring freelancers in bulk. As it is a regular assignment it will keep you engaged all the day. The more you write the more you can earn. They pay on the basis of number of completed projects.
Copy Writing and Business Writing

Every product needs to be exhibited in capturing slogans and flamboyant words in brochures and advertisements. You can work connected with an advertising agency for brochure development, web content development or even write directly for corporates.
If you are having a niche say suppose in HR writing you can write for preparation of policy manuals, training manuals etc.

There are companies who require bloggers to promote their events, products and portfolio online through blogs with the help of bloggers. You can seek opportunities with companies and event managers in this way also.


Reading other people’s works improves your writing style. Reading improves your vocabulary and teaches you how to write a taut effective copy.

The Writers' Market

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