30 May 2020

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YEFI: Nurturing Budding Entrepreneurs

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The Commonwealth Secretariat and Central Bank of India - ComSec/CBI announced a joint initiative with a view to exploring innovative ways to help budding young entrepreneurs establish and develop small businesses. Called the ‘Youth Enterprise Finance Initiative’ (YEFI), the endeavor will through a series of capacity building and innovative financing mechanisms help to harness a wide range of skills and encourage young entrepreneurs as well as those seeking employment in up-coming enterprises. Fifty million rupees is being injected into the YEFI.

Doing Business with the 'Land of the Sun'

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From the Editor's Desk

India and Japan are about to enter into a strategic economic tie up. During a bilateral meeting held at Tokyo in October, the Indian PM Manmohan Singh and his Japanese counterpart Naoto Kan discussed in detail various aspects of broad economic partnership between India and Japan. If the proposed Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement between India and Japan, referred to as CEPA becomes a reality, this will pave way for the beginning of a new era of strong economic and bilateral co-operation between the two economically strong nations in Asia.

SME CXO Summit : Raising Voice of the SMEs

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In India, business and economy move and ride on the shoulders of small, and mid sized businesses. This being a concrete fact, we need to understand the core issues, challenges and USPs of small businesses in order to improve the level of overall business scenario in India.

With such a note, SME CXO Summit, 2010 was organised in Mumbai, India by Naseba and was highly recognised by the industry stakeholders.

Green Fortunes In Your Land

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Are you a land owner, and planning to invest in real estate? If so you can covert your piece of land to a golden land! But how? The answer is, instead of keeping your land idle you can convert it into a good farm and reap high returns with a less investment.

Operation 'Blogging Reloaded'!

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Starting your own blog is one of the most creative and rewarding experiences you’ll find on the internet. Your blog could also be a means for you to make pretty money. Many are doing it!!!

Lepakshi: Empowering the Artisans

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The year 1982 saw the inception of Andhra Pradesh Handicrafts Development Corporation Ltd (APHDCL) under the trade name ‘Lepakshi’. At that point in time the Andhra Pradesh Govt.’s share capital investment in it was to the tune of Rs. 150.36 lakhs. With the Indian Govt. chipping in with Rs. 50 lakhs towards promotion, development and marketing of handicrafts in addition to implementing various schemes for the benefit of the artisans, the Corporation today employs around 181 people at its production unit ‘Nirmal Industry’ in Hyderabad.

It's for Her Business: Loans for Women Entrepreneurs

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Indian nationalised banks have been unveiling a slew of attractive lending schemes for women entrepreneurs in a bid to promote entrepreneurship among the women folks. But are our women entrepreneurs utilising the opportunities that are open for them? Surveys at banks reveal that schemes for women are having a slow uptake.

E-Tutoring: New Ways to Earn Extra Money

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At nine in the evening, Chithra Iyyer, is in front of her computer teaching her students who are in the US and UK. Chithra being an e-tutor, relishes the flexibility and bucks this job offers to her. Well, this is not something new today. e-tutoring has almost become an inseparable part in the domain of learning. What’s new in this is , it is stretching its boundaries, opening an array of new and varied opportunities.

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