30 May 2020

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Mobility at its Best! Nokia, IBM Join Hands

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In an interesting industry finding, India will continue to remain the world’s second largest wireless market after China in terms of mobile connections with mobile connections expected to grow by 27.3% in 2010 to exceed 660 million. Mobile service revenue is also expected to reach $19.8 billion by the end of 2010 up 19.7% from 2009; by 2014 it is expected to exceed $23 billion.

Cloud Computing: The Beginning of a New Tech Era

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Industry experts believe that notion of perceiving cloud computing as a new technology trend,  is all set to grow. Cost factor is the biggest driver for its expected growth. Where does SMEs fit into the picture, How relevant are the cloud solutions for today’s Indian SMEs, and how they fit into the picture? Faiz Askari, Editor-Technology, Small Enterprise India looks into these aspects.

The SEO Techno Mania!

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Small Enterprise India Tech Desk

If you want to market your business through online, not only you need to have a well designed, and informative website about your business, but also you have to employ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques to make your website visible in Google and other popular search engines.

Indian SMB Segment has High Growth Potential: Alex Li, VP, Lenovo India

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From the Editor's Desk

The Indian SMB segment is poised,and is in the threshold of reaching to the next level of growth, both economically and technologically. The SMB fraternity is fast adapting to the ever increasing demand for cost effective and competitive technological solutions to leverage the over all business growth scenario.

Mr. Alex Li- Vice President, HSB (SMB & Home), Lenovo India, in an online interaction with Krishnalumar.C.K, Editor,Small Enterprise India, shares his vision and the  Lenovo's initiatives towards Indian SMB market.

Indian Animation Industry Well Poised

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From the Editor's Desk 

Do you ever fancy to be friends with the suave android Enthiran in the film Enthiran, or  the 10 foot tall, blue skinned humanoids - The Navis in the film Avatar? Now,'technically speaking' you can make that very wish come true, if you are armed with the technical know hows and skills being used in the animation industry!

Tech Talk: Tech Boom in Hospitality Industry

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It has been found that Hospitality industry is making great business nowadays  and they are the ones who are getting huge benefits by providing cutting edge technologies to their customers. 

Hitachi GST All Set to Woo Indian SMEs

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When it comes to hard drives for storage, it is true that customers look at these hard drives as just a storage device. However, Hitachi GST as an organisation want to change this perception through continuous innovation. The company is setting new expectations and working aggressively towards achieving them. In an interaction between Ramesh Rajamani, Business Development Manager India, Hitachi GST and Faiz Askari, Editor-Technology, SmallEnterpriseIndia.com it has been unveiled that this storage equipment major, is all set to woo Indian customers and SMEs is an important category for them. 

'Indian BPOs Should Tap More Niche Markets'

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Mani Malarvannan partner and cofounder of Cybelink Systems interacts  exclusively with Faiz Askari, Editor-Technology, Small Enterprise India,  and shares his views on Indian off shoring industry.

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