30 May 2020

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A Woman for Today’s Woman

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A home maker, an entrepreneur, friends and social circle’s beloved- it’s not an easy task to juggle between all, but it’s an everyday lifestyle for Vandy Mehra, Group director of Study By Janak. Vandy heads the retail and marketing department and it is her business acumen and impeccable fashion sensibilities behind the recent but extremely popular women's couture line-Study by Janak.



Her collection which encompasses different moods of women, from formal to dreamy party collection, from ethnic to the clean and contemporary; has made its mark in the market in a short span of time. It was her hard work and futuristic vision that has won Study by Janak, accolades of the Best Fashion House of 2011 and for her- “Women’s Achievers Award”.


Her entrepreneurial journey

The designer streak being in her, she took up Dress Designing from Polytechnic, South Delhi Post College. During the interim time also she had trainings on variety of courses like batik, doll making, painting, cookery classes etc. She owes this to her upbringing where she was always motivated to be a multi-tasker. Her keen interest and passion for fashion business paved her way to being an entrepreneur. As it goes that behind every successful man there is a woman but here Vandy success owes to her husband, Mr. Mannoj Mehra, who has not just been her soul mate, but also a supporter, and a mentor.

Vandy started her journey close to a decade back. “Study by Janak started in the year 1986, when my husband was back after his studies from London and he observed the huge lacuna in the occasion wear market for men” says Vandy. She was working with her husband on the design cell and merchandising for the store. Slowly she started developing a liking for the marketing ventures of the brand, and that's when she took the whole responsibility of turning around the face of the brand by marketing initiatives and events that changed the perception of a client towards the brand.

“Our USP has always been stylized occasion wear, the brand started off as only men collections and after in joined we added the women couture segment to it - but our USP and strength has been same since always” explains Vandy.

Vandy and Mannoj has recently initiated an ambitious project of setting up the Only Luxury Destination store in India - SBJ House Of Luxury, which is spread in close to 15000 sq.ft of area and houses the top luxury brands from Italy and London apart from their anchor brand Study By Janak. Currently opened at 2 locations, south ex and Karobagh in Delhi; the success duo plans to expand this capsule in major metros in North India and have at least 5 to 7 such stores across.

Strategies for promoting business

As Vandy puts it, SBJ is always open to new ideas and associations. They start every year by planning the overall objective of the brand and then ways to achieve it via communication and marketing. They also carefully break down each quarter and at every level try to balance between branding as well as customer focused events. “Last year we focused on all consumer centric events, so we churned out our CRM databases and did a lot of activities around customers- meet and greet, beauty therapy sessions etc. This year we are focused more on the branding activities so all our tie ups and events are around that. Even our campaign will be around the same thought”, explains Vandy.

They have also been working on the retail software to meticulously feed and churn the data that they use for various activities and relationship building with the clients.  “Our next level is to take it to cloud computing and make the entire retail system centralized. This is going to be a major leap in the technology use of the company” she continues.

She loves to call all the challenges as opportunities and says she’s glad to have many. With a lot of influx of international brands, there is healthy competition in the market, but she says they do face challenges in terms of the suitable infrastructure availability that is there for retail.  “In the marketing initiatives I have had to face challenges in terms of how the brand is being perceived and how I am being perceived. It is very simple to categorize women out on party circuit as "Socialites" but if the lady is part of a corporate, she is not being either taken seriously or her part of story is never talked about. But slowly and with constant presence with substance has helped me to steer from this as well” says Vandy.

Plans for the next 3 years

“In terms of the growth opportunities there are many as the consumer is becoming aware about occasion wear, style wear and are ready to spend more on their wardrobes” says Vandy. They are planning to expand through their EBO (exclusive brand outlet) business model in the country by opening close to 3 stores every year, thus adding around 30,000 sq.ft each year to their portfolio. They are also getting aggressive on the digital platform as well to target the international market.

The role as an entrepreneur

I am able to handle both the role of an entrepreneur and that of a home maker pretty efficiently, thanks to the support I get from my husband and my family. To manage both efficiently, she has divided her day in 3 slots- her time, work time and family time- and she make sure that all of them are together for at least one meal a day.

“I have always wanted to work and thanks to my husband who persuaded me to join the business. I am in a very happy space right now as there are number of opportunities that are coming our way for the brand growth and communications. There are times when there is a lot of effort is required to push forward but when it starts paying up, there is peace and happiness. And that’s exactly how I feel for my role”, signs off Vandy.

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